GBB 68 – Etiquette

May 22, 2014
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May 22, 2014 Beau Schwartz

GBB 68 – Etiquette

On this episode of the Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! podcast Beau, Michael and Crofton give one another a polite opportunity to speak about etiquette. Oh, who are we kidding?! They actually interrupt one another incessantly for a chance to show off while expounding their endless opinions on the most ubiquitous and timeless of topics in the history of humankind. Is etiquette, both codified and unwritten, a stagnating force in human interaction where divisive and discriminatory lines are drawn between age, race, class, and gender, or is etiquette an essential expression of demonstrable respect to our fellow humans which is so fundamental to communication that it is impossible to imagine a world bereft of it?

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