GBB 70 – Internet Comments

June 4, 2014
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June 4, 2014 Beau Schwartz

GBB 70 – Internet Comments

On this episode of the Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! podcast Beau, Michael and Crofton use the internet to comment on each others’ comments about comments — but where is the content? Is the recent trend of internet comment systems on various websites a cynical method which allows content creators to give meaningful data to potential advertisers to persuade them to pay higher advertising prices but in reality is offering little value (like a room full of people shouting at each other and not actually listening), or are there examples of comment systems which prove this type of consumer engagement works and its’ recent ubiquitousness a sign that engagement about content is an important and new means for humans from around the world to communicate with one another and engage with content creators?

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