GBB 163 – Nationalism

August 25, 2016
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August 25, 2016 Beau Schwartz

GBB 163 – Nationalism

This week on Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! Beau, Michael, and Crofton proudly wave their Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! flags in honour of our debate about Nationalism! Is cultivating a passion for your nation (sometimes called patriotism) very healthy for our human social fabric, allowing us to commune with our neighbours under a common banner of values and tenets; or, is nationalism a primal urge which is the beginning of a destructive otherization of all other humans outside of our chosen community and at the root of the divisive manner in which humans organize themselves to the detriment of our individual and communal growth as a species which hungers to be more than we are?

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