What is Good, Bad, or Bull$#*!?

Simply put: Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! is a review show. Think of it like Siskel and Ebert except, instead of strictly reviewing movies, we review everything and anything!

How it works

At the start of every show we fire up our hallowed Random Topic Generator™ which provides us with a random topic for unrehearsed discussion and on-the-fly reviews. Legend has it that the Random Topic Generator™ was a gift from God to Richard Dawkins in honour of his victory over Chairman Mao Zedong in hand-to-hand combat. How it came into our possession is an even stranger story which you’re unlikely to believe–so let’s just say it’s a handy gimmick.

Once the topic is revealed Beau, Crofton, and Mike engage in a lively debate! Points and counterpoints are exchanged, verbal ripostes and aural feigns are attempted, information and misinformation is presented, opinions are offered and rebuffed. All of this leads to a deadly dance of repartee which culminates in the final Verdicts.


The Verdicts are at the heart of Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! as they come to represent what we, acting as a podcasting supergroup, invoke as final judgement on a topic.

Good: The topic is of value to society or of benefit to humanity. It is moral and just. It is advantageous and righteous. It is fun and entertaining.

Bad: The topic is of negative value to society and offers no benefit to humanity. It is immoral and unjust. It is a burden and corrupt. It is vulgar and sad.

Bullshit: The topic is of neutral value to society and of questionable benefit to humanity. It is ambiguous and indifferent. It is of no consequence and blasé. It is boring and meh …

Sometimes a topic gets a unanimous verdict, other times the full spectrum of verdicts, which we call “The Full Spread”.

What it boils down to

Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! is about conversation, ideas, and perspectives. It’s a dialogue between three reasonably intelligent people trying to make some sense of the world… and pass judgement on it. The topics really do span the gamut from war to sun tanning, from zombies to organized religion, and from prostitution to colonizing Mars.

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